Lucas Evander Scheelk is a white, Autistic, queer trans* poet from Minneapolis, MN. Lucas prefers “he, him, his” pronouns and “they, them, their” pronouns. He was born in Minneapolis (not under his chosen name) on 29th Sept, 1988, and was raised in the Frogtown neighborhood in St. Paul.

Lucas started writing poetry when he was 13 years old (because of a boy, isn’t that how that goes sometimes?), around the time when he started noticing his then boyfriend’s facial hair, and not being able to explain at the time exactly why he was jealous. Almost 12 years later, Lucas is finally starting to grow his own facial hair, with the help of testosterone.

Lucas’ poetry deals with his experiences of being trans*, being Autistic, queerness, as well as heavier topics, such as struggling with self harm and self acceptance. The poetic forms he uses include free form, spoken word, and written echolalia (another way of saying written repetition).

In his spare time, he advocates for Autistic rights and representation, Queer/GLBTQAI rights and representation, self-diagnosing, and intersectional identities.



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  • SE Eliot says:

    Hi, I am so pleased you enjoyed my poem Encore. I didn’t expect it to remain as long as it did on Jeremy Brett’s tree, so that was a bonus. My friend attached it, as I don’t live in London. Also, one was put on the notice board in the Clapham Common cafe, La Baita.
    I am not a Sherlock Holmes fan as such. I wrote the poem for personal reasons. I have been a writer for over thirty years and my poem Encore
    is on my site on Wattpad.
    Thank you so much for sharing my work. Good luck with everything.

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