Second Sleigh Fringe Recap (Part 1)

August 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Apologies for not being completely on board with documenting as often for Second Sleigh as I did for QUEER!. Right now, I am in the process of moving (crashing at two different friends places this weekend), trying to get rest, and making preparations for London.

With that aside, here are the general bits for each performance thus far:

Thursday, 1st Aug – Opening night!

All of us elves, reindeer, and esteemed characters were high on energy and it showed through our performances. We got a standing ovation, and I can’t recall if there were any minor mistakes.

Saturday, 3rd Aug

I spoke the line, “whatever you say, Belle” one sentence before I was supposed to… it was a slight blow, but afterwards, the show picked up smoothly. 

Sunday, 4th Aug

My Mom, aunt, and uncle showed up for this one! I arrived in scene two a tiny bit late (trying to find reindeer antlers in completely dark backstage was not easy, especially in a time crunch). I personally thought that it was my worst performance for the show, but my family seemed to enjoy it. Even said that I brought pizazz to the scene. They were also very happy to get candy canes from Santa after the show.

Our next shows are next Friday and Saturday. If we’re lucky enough to get chosen for an encore, we’ll perform next Sunday as well.

Part 2 of this recap will occur after next week’s performances.


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I got an unexpected positive review on the Second Sleigh Fringe site! Reindeer quartet, with all names listed, “sang well”. Very pleased.

Will do a recap of this weekend after tonight’s performance. 

CAPA International Official Fall 2013 Blogger!

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Yes, you DID read the title correctly! I got an email from them at 6:30 yesterday morning, and it took every fibre of my being to not expel every sound that attempted to come out of my mouth… my roommates were sleeping, so…

Remember when I wrote vague posts about using Cabin Pressure’s “the travelling lemon” for a “secret” project?

Said project was for a blog grant application for study abroad students. To apply for the grant, you had to make a blog and post to a “friend” of yours, giving them a virtual tour of your city. I went to various places in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and went to the MOA and gathered pictures with a lemon placed in them. Of course, I credited John Finnemore/Cabin Pressure for the inspiration in the blog.

It was strange carrying around a lemon in my backpack for close to a week, and I’m pretty sure that many people were thinking, “what’s this guy’s deal?”…

BUT! It worked out in my favor, because when I’m in London, not only will I be taking courses, I’ll be getting paid to explore and blog about my experiences. Some of the things I want to document include, but are not limited to: My courses, Cardiff Comic Con, my Student Prince themed birthday weekend in Scotland, AuTheatre (Autistic person reviews theatre shows/venues to see if they’re Spectrum friendly), among other things…

My official CAPA blog is located HERE, in which I will begin posting on Aug 8th, a week before I depart the U.S., as part of the grant requirements.

As promised, here are a few lemony favorites:














Second Sleigh Rarig Proscenium Photos

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All Second Sleigh photos were taken by the Workshop Theater Company, from our 28th July tech rehearsal

















Opening night is in TWO DAYS!

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2AM status: The 20 oz Red Bull didn’t help me stay awake to write. It helped me stay awake to watch old Jeremy Brett interviews.

Proscenium Tech!

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All of us Second Sleighers arrived at Rarig just before 5PM to load in the set into the Proscenium. There was about a 15 minute late start because of a different show finishing up their tech.

When we did get started though, it was mostly working out lights.

For over 2 hours.

We found ways to entertain ourselves though. Trying to find ways to turn out family friendly Christmas show into one about murder. I suggested a crossover with Repo! The Genetic Opera.

I revamped some of our show’s lyrics to make it London-themed…

“But it’s three weeks until Lon-don!” “No, it’s two-weeks-four-days until Lon-don!”

At some point, our pianist told us that he went to see THE original broadway cast of Sunday in the Park with George. I’m surprised I didn’t just die right then and there.

We were only able to go through the show once tonight. Luckily we got permission to leave our set and props at Rarig until we need to use them again.




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Spent most of yesterday with my oldest friend (and one of my chosen sisters), Marina.

We had lunch in Dinkytown, then hung out at her place. Inhaling coffee like it was going out of style. Sitting out on her porch while watching the rain. Listening to the Saints game from said porch. Commentating on reality shows.

It was exactly the kind of relaxing, slow paced day that I needed, with someone I love and consider part of my family.